Maisha Health

Are you overwhelmed, stressed & exhausted?

Are you confused about which diet is the right one?

Do you want to feel better, but aren’t sure how?

You may have noticed I have a thing about stones. You’ll see them scattered throughout my website. There’s something poetic about a structure of stones. They remain balanced despite having different shapes and sizes, not to mention a few rough edges.

And that’s like life: we all have to juggle responsibilities of different sizes and shapes, and we all have a rough edge or two that sometimes throws things off. But when we get the balance right, a pile of stones becomes a work of art.

balance colored rocksMaisha is the Swahili word for Life. And Health should be for Life. Life Health means more than just our weight or blood pressure. It incorporates mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. In order for us to be a complete, relaxed and healthy person, all these elements need to be nourished and mobilised.

My mission at Maisha Health is to assist others to overcome the overwhelm and return to balance. Together, we embark on a journey of calm, balance & wellness. I offer a series of courses in which you will:

  • Learn simple tools to bring more calm and clarity into your days;
  • Design a tailor-made diet that serves, not punishes, you;
  • Understand your hormones and how to work with them, not against them;
  • Develop a plan to make healthy changes that are smooth, practical and personalized;
  • Connect with others as you bring more physical, mental and emotional balance into your life.

To get started on your journey, fill in your name and email on the form in the right-hand column. You will receive two free eBook ~ “3 Crazy-to-Calm Tools” and “3 First Steps to Your Perfect Diet” ~ as a way to welcome you to the Maisha Health Village.


Maisha Health Logo ButterflyIn order to thrive within the storm that is our modern life, we need both a community of support, and the tools to heal and protect ourselves. Maisha Health aims to provide both the tools and a community that is thriving and achieving its potential for greatness and wholeness.

Welcome to the Maisha Health Village!


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